Result Of The Ordinary General Assembly - 2017

Dear Members,

On the occasion of our Ordinary General Assembly Meeting held on March 29, 2017, I and my friends named below were selected as new members of the Board of Directors. Thank you once again for your trust and support to us.

We want you to know that we will work hard to improve our club for the next two years. In this context, we remind you once again that all kinds of suggestions and opinions from our members are very important for us. For all your suggestions, you can contact us at

Kind regards,

İhsan Kalaycı

Board Members
1.    İhsan Kalaycı – Chairman 
2.    Oğuz Tufan Özdoğan – Commodore 
3.    Melih Başer – Vice Commodore
4.    Serap Akarsu – Secretary General
5.    Sakin Sinan Sanlıman – Bookkeeper 
6.    Erol Algül – Member 
7.    Mesut Sarol – Member 

Active Board Alternates 
1.    Halit Metin Kesgin
2.    Bülent Azazi
3.    Metin Çakır
4.    Murat Demir
5.    Nihan Özyıldırım

Supervisory Board
1.    Mustafa Cem Tekdağ
2.    İskender Akbaş
3.    Sefa Mızraklı